July 4, 2012

Hello, World!

So, here I am now. I finished high school and I'm ready to start studying at a university. Only two more things are in my way: Summer holidays and military/civilian service.

I spent the last few weeks watching TV, cooking and eating,  playing Gothic I-III and League Of Legends, reading articles at HackerNews, occasional jogging, swimming and having fun with friends at the weekends. This is what my life is all about now? Fuck you, holidays.

This is really frustrating me on a rational level. I know I could do so much more things with the time I have, but emotionally I'm fine with basically doing nothing.

That's why I decided to start blogging.

Hello, Blogging-World!

This is not my first attempt to create a blog, but I really want to give it another try after I read Publish What You Learn.

I'm unsure what I should expect from my blog and the experiences I'll make and I really don't think my blog will get that famous. But I'm sure that I'll learn new things during that adventure - not only about the topics I will blog about, but also about writing and the english language in general (which is not my native language, as you probably already noticed).

One day I'd love to have a small group of people who frequently read my blog and with discussions going on after every post I make. So, if you want to make a small boy's dream come true, just leave comments, give me feedback, help me improve my blog and start discussions!

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